I’m Ready

Sorry I have not been posting recently.  I got a little illness, which required a little medicine, which is causing a great deal of side-effects, which is making me spend a whole lot of time on the toilet.  Is that TMI?  Too bad.  Go read a Little Golden Book if you want happy stories, but this is antibiotic related diarrhea I’m talking about here, and … Continue reading I’m Ready

Dorian’s Life-Hacks

Hello everybody! Have you ever wanted to hack your life, but are too afraid you might crash the Matrix?  Then this post isn’t for you, because there is no Matrix, and you can’t really hack a life yet… until Delos Corporation can successfully create human-host clones.  Besides, you don’t even know coding.  The hack is not meant for you. That said, apparently tips that can … Continue reading Dorian’s Life-Hacks