In Silence, We Suffer

Fools! said I, You do not know, Silence like a cancer grows” – Paul Simon

I know Mr. Simon was referring to society in that song, but that line has resonated with me in many different ways. I find it is a universal truth in any type of human interaction.

I ask about pain in your eyes
I can’t believe I’m still surprised
To hear your answer, full of lies

You tell me everything is fine
But you can’t hide what’s in your mind
No longer fine inside of mine

I wish you’d simply talk to me
I’ll listen with empathy
Pain remains, why let it be

Talking won’t solve everything
But silence won’t solve anything
Why continue suffering

You can’t accept your feelings matter
Instilled beliefs I’ve tried to shatter
Yet we repeat this same old pattern

I hope you’ll see you as I do
A dream I know will not come true
I love you so much more than you

I know you don’t think I am dense
Which is why it makes no sense
If loving you is just nonsense

Please believe me, I really know
You’re more than your self-image shows
Speak it out, let your pain go


3 thoughts on “In Silence, We Suffer

    1. I think many of us could say we were either person talking or the person being talked to at some point in our lives. Depression and anxiety are brutal because they really cloud our perspective and make our heads outright lie to us.

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