The United States

Anxiety inducing news, everywhere you turn
Old men lighting fires, watch the word burn
I’m beginning to think the people won’t learn
As long as there’s crumbs, we’re dying to earn

The news is real, but it’s twisted to lies
Often repeated, epic in size
By smiling faces in clever disguise
Hoping for change, but nobody tries

Scared, and stressed? There’s a pill for that
Or just buy our product, be happy and fat
But fat isn’t happy, now what do you do
Not to worry, there’s a pill for that too

Scapegoat a race, it’s been done before
Weren’t we against that, in the last world war?
So if not for freedom, what do we fight for?
Just so the rich, can have even more

Children in cages, scared and alone
Taken from the desperate, fleeing their homes
Legal points of entry, blocked by Border SS
Forcing illegal crossings, and you know the rest

We’re exceptional alright, exceptionally bad
Denying the chances, that our ancestors had
Empathy has been removed from the equation
Imagine if they faced the same situation

Public is outraged, they all dismiss it
Pressure is building, so they move to fix it
Extinguishing fires, they alone set
Won’t make them heroes. What don’t you get?

Ignorance rampant, crumbling schools
Truth is decaying, a world of fools
Different is scary, when viewed through the lens
Of propagandists at Fox and Friends

White flight to the suburbs leaving cities to die
Taking their money, and still wonder why
People are desperate in what’s left behind
Oh well, whatever, at least I got mine


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